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About Luc Gerber

Luc Gerber has always had a large passion for helping people to reach their dreams and experience their full potential. He needs to help people thrive and achieve their full potential. Every approach is handled on a person-to-person basis. Interactions are catered directly to the individual’s wants, needs, and goals.


When you are trusting the prosperity of your future to someone that you have just met, it is important to make sure that you are siding with someone who knows what they are doing. Luc Gerber has experience working with people and channeling their energy in a way that affords them prosperity.


Everyone goes through struggles in their life. It isn’t something that should be shamed or silenced. Hiring a qualified and professional life coach to guide you through circumstances that you may not be used to puts you a foot forward so that you can continue on your journey with someone by your side for support.


While gathering information on the right life coach for your purposes, you’ll want to go with someone who can cater their services to your specific situation. Luc Gerber is an energy coach that can make a plan that works specifically for your life, so the results will be aimed at you.

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From Luc

I am fortunate enough to have had a chance to live in a wide variety of places and met some amazing people along the way that have had a huge impact on my life.

I grew up in Singapore, where I went to high school and specialized in Economics and Anthropology. At that point, I didn’t realize just how much I enjoyed meeting people and learning from them. After spending close to 18 years there I moved back to Paris to attend Culinary College and graduated top 10 of my class with a BA in Culinary Arts. I bounced around Paris and could cook at events like Roland Garros, the 150 Anniversary of Dom Pérignon, the Opening of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, and more.

In 1999 I had the opportunity to move to San Francisco and cook at several restaurants that helped hone my skill and again had the privilege of meeting amazing and talented people. That is where I met my wife of 20 years.

We decided to travel the world for several months and settled back in a small town in NV to have a family. We have two phenomenal daughters, Cecilia and Ava. And we were lucky and found a warm and welcoming community. We embraced them and became pillars in the community, supporting causes like Boys and Girls club, Law Enforcement and so many others. I even sat on the School Board for a while to help out during COVID.

But as with every perfect life, there was a storm, the stress, the hours, and everyday life got to me and after too long we realized I was a highly functioning alcoholic. Once I managed to pinpoint that I fixed it, took control of my life again, and turned things around. I have been sober for 8 years now and every day is a blessing. But between a devastating fire at our family restaurant, my oldest daughter fighting depression, and the pandemic things were hard again. I kept my head high and when people were fighting for food and stealing from the elderly we were donating and supporting our community even more. Our morale was good, and we never stopped hoping for the best.

After years of fighting for our marriage, my wife and I decided to separate, and honestly, we are better for it. We are partners and best friends. Our goal is to make our daughters' lives the best we can offer and support them however best we can.

After years of helping people with events, food and donations I finally sat down and realized I just wanted to help people. Listen, really listen and ask questions about them. I wanted to hold them by the hand, thru their hardships, and show them that they have all the answers. I want to show them that there is no such thing as mistakes, that each moment describes who you are, and allows you to decide if that’s who you want to be.

That in every “problem” lies only opportunity if we know how to look. Is life easy? No not even close. But it wouldn’t be worth it if it was. I want to take you on a journey so you can discover that you are your own hero and that you can become the best version of yourself if you believe in yourself… because we haven’t met yet but I believe in you!

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