The Differences Between Life Coaching and Therapy

The Differences Between Life Coaching and Therapy

A lot of people default to the option of therapy when dealing with a difficult time in their lives or if they are seeking personal growth. Recently, life coaching has become a popular choice for some to work on their overall wellbeing. LG Energy Coaching understands that life is difficult, but by digging into your core energy you can propel yourself to new heights of wellness.

Luc Gerber has always had a passion for helping people achieve their goals and reach their full potential. Each person has different struggles and individual goals they want to accomplish. Luc approaches each unique situation with a one-on-one coaching approach based on the individual’s wants, needs, and desires. Life coaching can be an integral part of one’s healing, providing an alternative to traditional therapy. Keep reading to learn if a life coach would be beneficial to your overall wellbeing and personal progress goals. Get started today!

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Life Coaching is Goal-Driven

The major difference between traditional therapy and life coaching is the scope of the work. Traditional therapy utilizes trained mental health professionals to zero in on one’s mental health to promote emotional healing. On the other hand, life coaches are certified to focus on the setting and overall goals of the individual.

When You Should See a Therapist: There are many instances where a therapist may be more beneficial to your mental state and wellbeing including:

  • You are experiencing mental health issues that are causing issues in your everyday life routine (anxiety, depression, trauma, eating disorders, etc.)

  • You want to heal from past abuse or trauma

  • You need support in dealing with your emotions

  • You are struggling with relationships and want to find a better way to feel less impacted by others

When You Should See a Life Coach: Enlisting the help of a life coach, like Luc Gerber, provides many benefits for multiple crossroads including:

  • You feel “stuck” and need help setting goals

  • You want to achieve the next level in your career

  • You want to break out of your comfort zone, propelling yourself to new adventures and excitement

  • You want to stop unhealthy habits and replace them with healthy alternatives

  • You want to overcome your inner critic

  • You are lost in your life’s purpose, not sure what to do career-wise, or struggling with major life choices

  • Something is missing from your life

  • Improve your inner motivation

  • You want to hold yourself more accountable

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Life Coaching Empowers Growth

Traditional therapy spends a lot of time addressing the emotions and events in the past, but LG Energy Coaching focuses on your current situation and improves your tomorrow. Both life coaching and traditional therapy aim to leave you in a better place for future success, but life coaching focuses more on empowerment and developing skills to break free of your current struggles to promote growth, rather than deep healing based on past trauma like that of traditional therapy.

A typical life coaching session includes:

  • Identifying your life vision

  • Reviewing your overall goals

  • Creating an agenda to foster growth

  • Exploring assignments and things to work on

  • Setting goals for future sessions

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Life Coaching Focuses on the Future You

Traditional therapy focuses on the concept of facing your path to move forward with your future, but life coaching focuses on the present and the future. In traditional therapy, you are often returning to life events that brought you trauma, pain, emotional experiences, etc to work on the psychological issues that are holding you back. While life coaches are more concerned with the here and now, LG Energy Coaching also wants to know how your past influenced where you are today for reference. You won’t go back to address these particular issues but instead, you will focus on the big question of: Where do you want to be in life?

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Life Coaching Has Clear Structure

With traditional therapy, you have a longer initial session where your therapist gets to know you and assess their fit in your healing role. The sessions that follow are up to the therapist's discretion of the session topic or focus. Sometimes you will revisit the same situation throughout many sessions.

Life coaching, on the other hand, has a clear structure. After the initial consultation session, your strengths, values, and goals are prioritized to get you to the next level of progress to cultivate happiness.

No matter which route you choose to take, you have already made the first step in choosing to live a healthier life. When it comes to self-care, there is no one-package-fits-all, which is why LG Energy Coaching focuses on your individual needs and goals. Connect with Luc today and become your own hero!