COR.E Dynamics | Performance Dynamics™ Specialist (CPDS)

LG Energy Coaching, a practice offering the services of a professional life coach in Las Vegas, is excited to help individuals tap into their core energy and develop the skills they need to accomplish their goals. However, our services aren’t just designed to benefit individual clients who are seeking a professional life coach in Las Vegas. Luc Gerber has recently become a COR.E Dynamics Certified Specialist. COR.E Dynamics aims to help individuals apply certain principles to their everyday lives and personal ventures. By partnering with iPEC and taking advantage of this education for professional life coaches in Las Vegas, our coaches were able to gain the skills needed to help you grow your business more effectively. This has translated to our own coaching sessions, where we can help change our client's energy levels and perspectives!

With a specialized focus on applying the principles of Energy Leadership, LG Energy Coaching can now provide even more support and coaching to our clients in Las Vegas. If you’re ready to reach your professional and personal dreams get in touch with us today! The LG Energy Coaching team is excited to work with you!

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Advance Your Professional and Personal life with life coaching in Las Vegas

The completion of this course earns participants their COR.E Dynamics | Performance Dynamics™ Specialist (CPDS) Certification, which facilitates unparalleled results for both the teacher and the student. By being certified through this course LG Energy Coaching hopes to help others transform their businesses and be as successful as possible.

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It Works for Anyone

It doesn’t matter what your circumstances may be, Luc Gerber can help you work through life's struggles and reach your goals. Life coaching isn’t specific to any gender, race, or creed. The goal is simply to help people to achieve their full potential through conversation and focused efforts that aim for self-improvement.

Anyone Can Change Their Life

Professional Life Coaching in Las Vegas

LG Energy Coaching near Las Vegas works hard to help you with a variety of areas — with a main focus on four. Each of these areas is designed to accelerate your growth and enhance your abilities to reach your goals. It’s the mission of our LG Energy Coaching to help our clients get the support they need to do so. This is why we’re proud to be certified as a COR.E Dynamics Specialist. The four areas our coaching with focus on are:

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We can help develop your ability to recognize common sources of stress and factors that can affect stress levels and provide you with the necessary tools to help you understand the root of your stress and challenges and deal with them accordingly.

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This area of training focuses on the everyday performance of everyday people. As a CPDS-certified professional life coach in Las Vegas, we will be able to support your success by looking at your measured performance.

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Change is inevitable, whether it be the changing of careers, moving to a new location, or a shift in relationship status. Our coaching sessions are available to help you recognize these challenges and support you going through these transitions.

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It’s common for the clients of professional life coaches in Las Vegas to struggle with health-related issues, whether it be losing weight, starting a new exercise plan, or coping with a serious diagnosis. LG Energy coaching can help to support our clients experiencing these struggles.

Anyone near Las Vegas who is ready to enhance their business and personal life with LG Energy Coaching is able to schedule a free consultation with Luc to make sure we're the right fit for you before we get started.

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